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  • Name: TGK10 CNC skiving roller burnishing machine
  • Number: BAA001
  • Upload time: 2015-05-20
  • Views : 193


TGK CNC Skiving roller burnishing machine is newly developed by our company. This machine has the smart and simple CNC operation system with high efficiency and stable performance, the configuration design is uniform, artistic and clean, using the environmental protection measures against oil splash and leakage.

When processing, the workpiece is fixed and the tool is rotated。 Adopting the combined technology of skiving and roller burnishing, the machine gives a good solution for the severe deviation in rough processing of  hot roller steel tube, and the inferior straightness in fine processing of  cold drawn steel tube。 It is mainly used for the compound process of boring and roller burnishing for hydraulic cylinder parts。 The hole tolerance is up to IT7-8, the surface roughness is up to Ra0。2-0。4 μm。 Its processing efficiency is 10 times of the traditional boring technology and 20 times of ordinary honing machines。 The traditional technology usually includes four independent steps in order: rough boring-semi fine boring-floating boring-roller burnishing, which is inefficient and needs a long time。

This machine is assembled with automated flexible tools control module, using the specialized Korean pneumatic and Germany hydraulic tools system, the stock removal within 0.2-8mm is available to be processed.

TGK series machines adopt Germany Siemens 808 CNC system, the spindle box is driven by AC variable frequency motor, with stepless speed regulating, and using spindle bearing with a high ratary precision. Feed box is driven by AC servo motor, with stepless speed regulating. The bed body adopts high quality cast iron, the double flat track ensures the good rigidity and excellent guiding, with protection structure around. The machine has the automated chips removal, magnetic separator and paper filter, Filtering precision is up to 20 μm. The coolant can be cleanly recycled and reutilized.

Technical data


Boring diameter range


Boring depth range


Guideway span width


Spindle center height


spindle rotation speed range, steps


Main motor


Feed speed range

5-3000mm/min (stepless

Feed carriage fast moving speed


Workpiece clamping diameter range


Feed motor


Cooling pump motor

N=5。5Kw( 2 groups)

Hydraulic pump motor


Cooling system rated pressure


Cooling system flow


Air pressure


CNC system


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